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waterflows - the school - はじまります

English follows…

waterflows は、石橋理衣氏とNorieで立ち上げた「自分を生きる」学びをするスクールです。


















waterflows is a school to learn how to truly ’Become your true self’ that Rie and I started.

We believe that we all can live the best version of ourselves by connecting to and accepting your true self.

We will share the wisdom and knowledge to live the best version of your life under any circumstance, in various places across the world by studying how to live ‘off-grid’ and knowing the methods to connect to yourself.

A school full of teachings that connects to the world of wonderful magic.

A school that we as children always wished we could have attended.

From children who can speak to adults.

We are planning to start from online-based classes followed by rolling out face to face workshops and events all over the the world. We believe physical energy is a very important part of human-beings!

We will update you as we begin this wonderful journey of bringing joy within our heart and soul.

Curriculum plan(TBC):

- Consciousness / Subconsciousness

- Herbalism

- Human body

- Meditation / energy work

- Off-Grid architecture & environment

- Sourcing energy

- Water purification

- Establish & run business

- Coaching

- Team building



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