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Sound Living is doing what we can do for nature and people to be healthy both physically and mentally, with the theme of Sound "healthy mind and body" and "living".

Based on the harmony of people, nature, the earth, and the universe as a whole, we will continue to stand by each other and develop together so that all of them can live freely, independently, and coexist happily. I wish

At Sound Living, we would like to help individuals to return to their original selves, live as their true selves, and achieve it.

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Vibration artist

After working in various industries such as system engineer, media sales, foreign brand PR & marketing, brand production, and creative direction, he is currently involved in manufacturing, consulting, and workshops related to the waves of people and spaces. My hobby is ink painting.

Deep Consciousness Reading/Healing Therapist

​ Kinesiologist

Hypnotherapist (Hypnotherapist)

Integrated Healing Certified Practitioner

wave space designer


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