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The online salon "Awakening" is a membership-based (annual membership fee) online community.


With the theme of “living as your true self,” we support your experience of waking up in life.



<Membership Benefits>

1. Publication of workshop video

Hosted by Norie, you can connect to your own deep consciousness and communicateSmall group workshop "Awakening trueselfWorkshop to connect with subconscious mindI will publish the teaching materials as they are. This is because you will be able to learn how to find muscle reflexes and blocks by yourself, and rewrite your deep consciousness by watching this and practicing.

If you can interact with your deep consciousness (True-self), you don't need fortune-telling.

Awakening trueself

connect with the subconscious


list of things you can learn

1. Know the layers of human consciousness

2. Acquire muscle reflexes (*1)

3. Mastering how to connect with deep consciousness

4. Learning how to find blocks (*2)

5. Acquisition of how to rewrite deep consciousness

<Sponsored and operated>

Hosted by:Norie 

Management: shino (Shinsuke Shinohara)

2. Offer services at member prices

Workshops and personal sessions are available at salon member prices.

Detail ishere

3. Participation in a project in the salon

We are working on various projects with salon members.

Specifically, an aroma oil brand that works on waves is in progress.

Various projects are scheduled to come out in the future, so we will inform you at any time in the salon.

Norie has worked in a wide range of fields, including IT development engineers, media/event producers, brand producers, and marketing. I think this was also the reason for this.

Please join us.

4. wake up message

5. Q&A


<Membership fee>

Annual membership fee 12,000 yen [tax included] (annual regular payment)

<Membership conditions>

・Because you will be using a Facebook group (private), you must have already created a Facebook account.(If you do not have a photo or profile posted, or if it is judged to be an impersonation account, we may refuse to join.)

・Annual membership fee of 12,000 yen (equivalent to 1,000 yen per month) [annual recurring payment] can be paid online with a credit card, etc.

<Salon Policy>

Our salon is a salon that believes that it is good to wake up to your true self and live your true self in harmony with all things in the universe. Please note that you may be asked to withdraw from membership if inappropriate behavior is discovered.

<How to join>

1. After confirming and acknowledging the above,Apply for membership from the "Join Online Salon" button

2. Continue toComplete the online payment for the annual membership fee of 12,000 yen [annual recurring payment]

3.Facebook group (online salon “Awakening”)apply to join

4. After confirming the application for participation in the Facebook group and the completion of payment by the person in question, approve the participation in the Facebook group and approve the membership of the online salon.(Please note that approval may take 2-3 business days.)

<Method of withdrawal>

・If you inform the management office of your intention to withdraw, we will process your withdrawal.(Please note that refunds will not be given for cancellations in the middle of the year.)

・If you withdraw from the online salon, you will also be asked to withdraw from the Facebook group, and you will not be able to view all content and posts.

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