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What is spirituality?


that word right there in Japan is such a word that brings fear in people. Why? Because of the lingering teachings that spirituality is linked to religion. And how religion brings out a whole new level of cult-ness. When I was working at a startup as the head of HR, I sneakily tried to spread the wellness movement within the company. I grew up in the US as a Japanese and I feel like I'm constantly being put under the microscope in this country for my “foreign-ness”. We say, a nail that sticks out will get hammered in. Yup I myself have collected a whole bunch of hurt over and over again. Every time I was faced with rejection of who I am did, I would tell myself "so what who cares? tried to brush it off. So at our usual HR team I casually floated the idea of starting a meditation online session for the employees. The response was, "I don't think we should do a meditation session because I think there are some older men who might be turned off by it. It will make a bad impression on the HR department. I'm sorry, What?!?! This comment actually came from a female teammate. I was speechless. I wanted to faint. "What the... " omg I was at a loss for words. Older men? Bad impression? Girl!! I thought to myself Meditation itself is for yourself. It has nothing to do with how people perceive The idea of Wellness in the workplace was at a loss. I was so surprised that a female teammate made that comment. But that's the reality now. We are all in an organization, and we are so concerned about how others perceive us. The fear is swallowing us whole. We are so stuck on the We should do this We have to do this It should be this way You should do it this way I wanted to fly into space when I was asked, "What do you think you should do?” My answer to that was nothing. When you feel like you have to fit into a society, company, organization, or family, you are lost. To whom? Only to yourself. Spirituality is about being fully connected to your mind, body, and soul. We learn to connect through meditation. That is wellness. Wellness is all about bringing ourselves into balance!!!! Your true feelings, your true self In a world where you cannot express who you really are, that’s when you’re stuck in the 3rd dimension with lower vibrations. There it is filled with fear, jealousy, and anger. But we can do better than that. Be more powerful than that. We can change the world. Love is all we need. Listening to our own hearts. Take action and make more friends and connect. Don't care about what anyone else thinks as long as it's your truth. Because You do it for yourself. I want to connect with people who can understand and share this worldview.

This is why we are starting waterflows.